Ivermectin obliterates 97 percent of Delhi cases

The fight for IVERMECTIN is an epic struggle to save lives & preserve human rights. 

It is battle of reason over corruption, good over evil, evidence over ignorance, and right over wrong. 

This graph shows that Ivermectin, used in Delhi beginning April 20, obliterated their COVID crisis. 

Will you believe this 97% eradication graph, or will you believe the propaganda pitched by the Big Media, Big Pharma, the WHO, and the FDA, who share massive financial conflicts of interest – those who say there is insufficient evidence?

What evidence could be any clearer than a 97% reduction in five weeks? That number is better than the current vaccines and beyond the reach of most medicines.

The WHO cautioned India they were making a mistake by using Ivermectin. They told them it could be dangerous, that there was no evidence it worked. How many lies will you buy before you stand up for the truth?

And which side of the fight are you on ?

Source: https://t.me/craigkelly/170